Welcome to the Fashion World of Florie Couture!

Here at Florie Couture, you will be introduced to Flora’s unique designs. Though her specialty lies in creating costumes, ballroom wear, and evening gowns, she is also very skilled in any other custom forms of fashion design, ranging from modern trendy wear to retro styles. She also specializes in jewelry design, accessories, and interior design. Flora’s custom designs apply to all age groups and genders. The creative process is a very meticulous one, beginning with direct contact with the client. After getting to know the client, she then prepares sketches and designs according to the client’s interests, and will work tirelessly until a mutual satisfaction is met. Along with sketches, comes the [choosing of] fabric, accessories, taking of measurements, and preparing a personal pattern. It is very important for us to establish a very trusting relationship with her client, as the final result of the finished product is a direct reflection of this.


For ten years we have had a boutique in Beverly Hills. Over these years, we have developed an outstanding basis of trusty clientele, which includes many celebrities as well as daily walk-ins. Flora has worked with the same team for many years now and are both on the same level with each individual client.


Achieving the clients’ vision and giving them what they’ve imagined is what we at Florie Couture strive to achieve—making every design unique and beautiful in its own way. It reflects outstanding work ethic and many years of success and determination, which leaves the clients wanting more and ensuring their return. Flora, as a designer, is always moving forward and will continue to do so for years to come.

Our Specialty: Style!

While we don't have a particular style, we do apply to all tastes and designs. Whatever vision our customers have, we do our best to transform it into a fashion masterpiece. We follow the trends at the international fashion shows so that you don’t have to. We select our new styles based on how interesting, diverse and eye-catching they are, and do our best to ensure that our clients leave satisfied.

Everything You Need

Our fashion store offers everything you need to complement your wardrobe, from dance costumes to elegant evening wear. We value high-quality clothing, and everything we sell is hand-made from fabulous materials, and we also have a wide range of original (and affordable) collections.


Florie Couture Fashion Show